Mayans MC


Mayans MC is a motorcycle club with headquarters in Santo Padre a California town on the border with Mexico. The Mayans patrol the border. The premise of the club is to protect and seek vengeance on the Mexican drug cartels that have changed the lives of many Mexican and Mexican American families.

Because of trasers’ visibility at night and its ruggedness and durability in adverse conditions;  traser has been selected as the watch of choice worn by the Mayans.



Manuela Jungo
traser® H3 proudly sponsors Manuela Jungo, world‘s NR. 5 in kitesurfing

Name: Manuela Jungo
Date of birth: October 14, 1983
Nationality: Swiss
Kitesurfs since: 2006
Favourite Move: Backmobe

Dominic Meier
Swiss National IPSC Champion 1995/1996/1998/2000/

Name: Dominic Meier
Date of birth: August 8, 1969
Nationality: Swiss
IPSC shooting since: 1992
Hobbies: IPSC, Golf